Photography from the heart

The impact of the Vietnam War photographs I saw during high school was too great to ignore, and became my motivation for over 20 years to travel to various regions around the world capturing unique moments on film.
Seeking for that one special moment, the drive to take up a camera is the choice to be a contributor, to become involved and not just an observer.
The passion, the endeavour not to remain indifferent led me to places of on going conflict, to suffering in refugee camps, to remote areas of forgotten disasters, and to people and communities left isolated by their own societies.
By turning the lens toward people striving to overcome deprivation, I constantly ask myself, how can I participate in the restoration of their dignity? What can the photograph do to relay unheard voices?
To express a depth of meaning for which there are no words, the photograph demands a purity and sincerity of the heart.

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